Broker/Trading for international Cement & Steel Industry

Cement Industry

After an accurate cherry picking of the existing companies working in Steel and Cement Industry, 

LVG has realized a “hub”  where only the most certified, qualified and skilled companies can provide a “turn key” service, starting from the qualification of the supplier aimed to meet customer expectation up to organizing and following all the transport and financial operation to ensure a top class service.

LVG works directly with mines and manufacturers in order to avoid unuseful additional costs. Our company is working directly and through traders of the main steel industries in China and Middle East countries. One of our partner has recently got the AQSIQ: License for Export/Import waste material to China for recovery purpose.

Steel Industry


We provide steel producers, foundries and cement factories  with the metallic raw materials used in production processes as well as secondary materials (scraps)  used in the same production process. 

These include: Iron Ore, Pig Iron, HBI / DRI, Coal, Coke and Ashes, GBFS etc.

International Steel Cement Trading

 Total Quality Management

To ensure our customers the quality of products provided, we proceed in applying strict tests with the following issue of the Certificate of Compliance. 

Through our network of partners we plan and organize integrated systems of "Logistics", with the final coordination of the operations of embarking and landing ships, for products (MPS), hazardous waste and not.

We have authorized structures and facilities for storage, handling, packaging and transportation of any type of waste materials, inland, intermodal and sea carriers, in order to meet specific customer requirements for foreign destinations.

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Senior Business Consultant

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